Everyone knows this - whether self-employed or private - the unpleasant things are first shifted to the rear, both temporally and optically. Office work, paperwork, sort files, book documents, correspondence - please do not now - but then the last signal rings: Post from the finance office. The Timeline has arrived at the end, now or never! And everything is much worse. Where, when to begin, and in no time and lost perspective ?!

Horror before the bookkeeping ?!

Pencil tips or covers sort ?

Make music or  your office ?!

Are you looking for an experienced folder of chaos?


The prudent master of the numbers? The magician, who is turning a shoe box full of slip-ons into a perfect entry and exit booklet?


After one of you understands, advises, calms down - the savior of the compressed files, which have been crammed up, are analyzed in wind cables and reprocessed without fault and blame ?!


I'll help you.


Are you the founder or just to register your company?


In order to minimize the risks of establishing a business, it is good if you know in advance what is coming to you. This will also make it easier for you to step into independence. A professional, as well as emotional support is invaluable during the foundation for you and will also decide about the success of your activity.


I like to stand by you with my extensive experience during this time.


Difficulties with accounting ?!!


You just had one madness idea and now really no sense for numbers or clean up?!
You want to concentrate on your talent, your creative work?


Nimmermehr Büro Organisation supports you competently and reliable - the uncomplicated and speedy.


Use the time gained for your real life - beyond documents, receipts, forms, folders and numbers ...


Never again paper war!

The processing of unfinished paperwork is usually at the top of the list of annoying activities in office workdays. Together, we can create an order and billing system that is adapted to your specific office situation.


I offer this to:

Non-binding preliminary talk with you on the spot or on the telephone


My service on site:


Thorough cleaning if necessary

Concept for a storage structure / establishment of a suitable system

Implementation: sorting, arranging

Invoicing and accounting

Preparation of documents for a tax-specific evaluation

Explanation and instruction for forms, bookings, accounts

Consulting and instruction bookkeeping software / Accounts

Consultation at establishment


Last Minute Help - when it really burns and everything has to go fast!


Ultimately, my performance depends on your individual demand and your specific needs, also according to your time rhythm and limits. I calculate my services according to the hourly rate, with reference to the small business rules, the statutory value added tax does not.